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2017 La Lengua de las Serpientes de Candalee Beatty

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I am always unsure as to how to classify this series, fiction-science fiction, or non-fiction, or religion and spirituality. This is especially true with this particular book; lead by Lord Byron and the numbers of the Aztec Suns, the Maya’s Tzolkin, Tun, Haab and Baktun calendars, I have found the spirits of the Nine Lords of the Night of Aztec and Maya spiritual belief. This is a call to my brothers and sisters and soul of my love and only those who hear it, feel it and carry the souls of the those who have gone before will truly understand.

My name is Candalee Beatty, I am a Cree Native American from Canada and the writer of the Whitewolf Visions book series.

The newly released third book, The Serpents Tongue is now being offered free in the Spanish language in a pdf format.

The decision was based on the historical facts of the Americas and the treatment of the inhabitants. The book, the charts and the numbers were given by the Nine Lords of the Night, by the gods, the lords and Creator; I am honoured and ecstatic to offer the book as a free pdf in Spanish for now but hope in the future to offer and add many more Native American languages to the list of pdf’s for the Whitewolf Visions series.

The price of the English print book has been reduced by 40 percent from $68.98 to $41.39.

2017 La Lengua de las Serpientes de Candalee Beatty

Haga clic en el enlace para ser llevado a la versión en español de la Lengua de las Serpientes por Candalee Beatty.

Siempre estoy seguro de cómo clasificar esta serie, ficción-ciencia ficción, o no ficción, o religión y espiritualidad. Esto es especialmente cierto con este libro en particular; Liderado por Lord Byron y los números de los Suns Aztecas, los calendarios Tzolkin, Tun, Haab y Baktun de los mayas, he encontrado los espíritus de los Nueve Señores de la Noche de la Creencia Azteca y Maya. Este es un llamado a mis hermanos y hermanas y al alma de mi amor y sólo aquellos que lo escuchen, lo sientan y lleven las almas de aquellos que han ido antes lo entenderán verdaderamente.

Mi nombre es Candalee Beatty, soy un nativo americano Cree de Canadá y el escritor de la serie de libros de Whitewolf Visions.

El tercer libro publicado recientemente, The Serpents Tongue, se ofrece gratuitamente en español en formato pdf.

La decisión se basó en los hechos históricos de las Américas y en el tratamiento de los habitantes. El libro, las cartas y los números fueron dados por los Nueve Señores de la Noche, por los dioses, los señores y el Creador; Me siento honrado y extático de ofrecer el libro como un pdf gratuito en español por ahora, pero espero en el futuro ofrecer y agregar muchos más lenguajes nativos americanos a la lista de pdf para la serie Whitewolf Visions.

El precio del libro impreso en inglés se ha reducido en un 40 por ciento, de 68,98 dólares a 41,39 dólares.


2017 La Lengua de las Serpientes de Candalee Beatty

Haga clic en el enlace para ser llevado a la versión en español de la Lengua de las Serpientes por Candalee Beatty.

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Publisher:                                  Candalee Beatty

Published:                                  August 11, 2017

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Razing the Dead with Byron (Book 2) by Candalee Beatty



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Whitewolf Visions: Interpretations and Correlations, Razing the Dead with Byron (Book 2) is a documented journey of numbers, revelations and reincarnations. From a graveyard in Chapleau, Ontario, Canada, to Easter Island, Ancient Greece and Egypt, Chichen Itza and North America I followed a path of numbers, words and correlations. Sewing together pieces of history and reinterpreting art as I saw it.

Please join me in this journey as I continue to search for my identity and while I continue to race through books, coordinates and the stars to find my roots. Research and work on the third book of the Whitewolf Visions series has commenced and while it is being created I thought now would be the perfect time to share freely and unconditionally this book, Razing the Dead with Byron (Book 2).


Book is no longer here, but can be purchased at, and iBook. (offer invalid as of June 7, 2017)

Madrid Codex…What began the reinterpretations (for me).

The Madrid Codex, also known as the Tro-Cortesianus Codex or the Troano Codex is one of three surviving Mayan Books. The artist of this painting are the Mayans. I was made many, many years (900-1500 A.D) It was discovered by the Spaniards in the 1800. The Madrid Codex is held by the Museo de America in Madrid and is […]

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Connecting Medea, Hecate, Heqet and the reinterpretation of Amarna EA 162


Chapter Excerpt from Razing the Dead with Byron by Candalee Beatty

Egyptian Glimpses

Glimpses of the Egyptians were first seen by me in the rongo rongo boards of Easter Island and in the temples of South America so a brief introduction I had to these enigmatic and mysterious people. With EA 162 of the Armana letters which is showcased on Wikipedia I steered further away from the glimpses but kept going with the reinterpretation because it “felt” right.

I saw glimpses of pharaohs and their spouses in the charting with numbers of the years 176, 1336, 1472 and 2148 and when I saw the connection and correlation to Medea of Jason and Medea I knew I had to keep digging.

Medea was taught her magical and herbal ways by Hecate goddess of magic, crossroads, ghosts and necromancy, symbols of Hecate can include twin torches, dogs, serpents and keys. In research and relation the name Hecate is rooted to Heqet. Heqet of Khnum (reminds me of “number”) is a crocodile headed god.

Khmun which is very similar to Khnum is a group of 8 deities who represented the world before creation, males are frogs and females are snakes. The frogs and snakes bring to mind the Madrid Codex with the falling toads/frogs and the water dragon/serpents slithering in and out of each tablet of the codex


An Absence Re-explained:

Osiris: God of the Afterlife, death, life and resurrection, name alternatively spelled as Ausir, Asiri…which also brings to mind the word, Easter.

His father is the Sun God, Ra and husband of Isis, his sister (whom Cleopatra said she was a reincarnate of Isis, she died at her own doing at 39). Isis is often seen holding a hoop/bell like item in her hand, like the Maya marriage vessel.

In the photo is my interpretation of “An Absence Explained EA 162” of the Amarna letters. The linguistics shared in the Amarna letters shed light on the times pre-biblical, the letters are written in Akkadian (the words itself is very close to Acadia, an early French colony in Canada). Aziru was an Amurru leader. The letters of EA 162 is interpreted (according to Wikipedia) as an explanation from Aziru to the Pharaoh Akhenaten of his absence.

The word cuneiform (wedge-shaped writing impressed usually into clay) brings to mind the word ‘cone’ and pyramids. Staring directly at the single cone on the end, in its simplest form it looks like the arrows pointing in a certain direction, down.

Thinking back through the words I’ve written, the triggers and letting my mind flow where it willed. I began copying and pasting the glyph, three times, then six and then nine times. I flipped one so the cones were placed next to each other, and then I stared at it.

They were next to each other but facing the opposite direction, so I rotated one….by one and began lining them up, using three for the axis if you will, the center. I noticed that the furthest cuneiform, cone, person, being, partner, went searching and searching.

And at nine o’clock he will arrive back home. What I see when I look at the image I multiplied is a marriage, an absence and a return.


  •  An Absence Explained:“Aziru was allowed to leave Egypt and return to his kingdom. Aziru had, however, made secret contacts with the Hittite king Suppiluliuma I, and sometime upon his return to Amurru, he permanently switched his allegiance to the Hittites to whom he remained loyal until his death.”


  • EA 161, line 2: ‘message (speaking thus)’: 1. A-zi-ru, servant-yours” (Individual (1.) + 3 cuneiform characters, A, zi, ru.)


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Chart: Jason and the Twins: Medea’s Avenge, from Razing the Dead with Byron by Candalee Beatty

Chart: Jason and the Twins: Medea’s Avenge

This is called Jason and the Twins: Medea’s Avenge because Jason was the name of my first J and the name of Medea’s love and demise. Jason of Jason and the Argonauts.

After Jason took the Golden Fleece of Greece from the sleeping dragon they were married in a cave near Corfu, Greece.

Jason left Medea years later, an act she revenged by killing their three children and the woman he left her for. When I saw the first letter of the months held the name Jason within them I thought of Medea and their story (JFMAMJJASOND). The dragon awoke from her herb and magic induced coma and down the water spout she came as that is the trail they left on, this depicts her path through the years.

The Twins are Castor and Pollux of the constellation Gemini (the sign I was born under), they were part of Jason’s crew and members of the Argonauts.

Adding forward and down, the next column began at 7 and goes up right next to 15 as that is what a serpent or dragon would do and what the serpent dragons of the Madrid Codex do throughout the tablets. Once reaching the top at January the next column begins in sequence to the previous number counting forward. I kept going onto the top of 43rd column when I reached 365.

With the research of the years and leap years of the Wood Rat and the Fire Dragon it was noted in -1556 Year of the Fire Dragon, a leap year beginning on a Wednesday there was a large earthquake in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. I highlighted the block holding the numbers 1556 in red, I noticed they were next to blocks holding the numbers 1616. In the chart titled: Jason, The Twins and Medea’s Trail the numbers 1616 are made relevant.

1, 2 and 4 are highlighted in respect to my trigger numbers 124, 1247 and 12479.

Adding each column and placing the total at the bottom in red just for the heck of it until I saw the years 1428, 1492, 1556 and 1684. When I saw those numbers I began to do research on the years. Beginning with the common year 21 to every column landing in a Leap Year beginning with the Monkey in Year 84, the Rat of 148 and the Dragon of 212.


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Jason, Medea and the Twins of Gemini Charts: Part One

Jason, Medea and the Twins of Gemini Charts: Part One

Featured Image: Jason and the Argonauts by William Russell Flint

Jason, Medea and the Twins of Gemini Charts: In the beginning I was drawn to Dante Alighieri because of his unusual name and the fact he had spent his remaining years in Ravenna, Italy. Ravenna is where Byron spent time during his self-exile. Ravenna then lead me to Rome and the city’s founding twins Remus and Romulus.

Lord Byron wrote to friend Douglas Kinnaird from Ravenna, Italy: “They have taken it up in their heads that I am popular which no one was ever in Italy but an opera singer or will be till the resurrection of Romulus.” Page 188, The Selected Letters of Lord Byron, edited by Jacques Barzun, Grosset’s Universal Library 1953.

I am in the book just now and what makes me think I am on the right path even more is the fact that the letter is dated as such, “Ravenna, 9th 22nd, 1820”

In Rome, Italy every (Ides) full moon and Nundinae (every ninth day) a lamb, ram and ox were sacrificed in reverence to the Roman god Jupiter (equivalent to Greek god Zeus). Jupiter’s temple is located on the Capitoline Hill; the coordinates of the Capitoline Hill hold the numbers 1247, triggers to keep going. Nundinae was also when the market would open for shopping. ( and

Nundinae, the ninth day stuck in my mind as did all the triggers and correlations such as with George Smith an Assyriologist who translated the Flood Tablet in Nineveh. He was born March 25, 1840 and died August 19, 1876 at the age of 36. In a personal connection on March 25, 1988 my sister, an earth Dragon and George Gordon Byron died at the age of 36 as well.

It reminded me then and now of a street in Lively, Ontario where we moved in 1993. The street name is Ninth Avenue, my step-grandparents once lived on that street and on every corner of intersecting streets the signs say “Ninth Avenue” until you get to the corner of Eleventh and “Nineth.”

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my sister’s living room staring intently at the giant calendar on the wall. The months were spelled out in order as such:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December

I then began thinking of the number of letters in each word and looking at the way each word was spelled. March and April both have 5 letters, June and July have 4 letters each and November and December each have 8 letters. From this, I deemed March and April twins and the same for June and July.

Research of the Greek gods led me to Zeus, Hades, Persephone, Charon, Mars and Jason. Jason manned the ship and crew called the Argonauts, the crew included the immortalized twins of Gemini, Castor and Pollux. In connection I was born on June 11th under the sign of Gemini.

Thinking of my sister’s calendar on the wall and the way I’ve been letting my mind flow and run where it wants untethered I began playing with the words and numbers within the words. I began to see patterns with words which spurred me on, such as within the first letters of each month is spelled the name of my first J, JFMAMJJASOND.

When I began the chart, “Jason and the Twins: Medea Avenges” it began with just the first letters written out as shown below. The avenging is Medea’s repenting as she used her magical ways to resurrect Jason and his seeds; the children she slaughtered with the woman Jason left her for.

I know better than I used to about jealousy, vengeance, guilt, repenting, and regretting and I refuse to imagine what kind of woman could kill her children. What I can do, is imagine her pain, regret, and eternal heartache….and as a creature of supernatural belief and origins I believe she cast a spell, one from the heart of her hearts to last all the ages until that long day when she steps in front of them asking for forgiveness but in another life, in the now, for that was then.

In the “chart” below the rows can be read going down beginning with a countdown starting with 3 zeroes, in honour of the Madrid Codex of the Mayan Water Gods. Coincidently the Mayan creation story begins with two reincarnating brothers who were also twins. In line with each number are the months with a countdown beginning with 2 zeroes, the number of letters in each word and a final countdown with no zeroes, basic numeric order.

January                       0 0 7 1

February                      0 0 8 2

March                          0 1 5 3 > Indicating “twins” as they share the same number of letters.

April                            1 2 5 4 >

May                             2 3 3 5

June                             3 4 4 6 >

July                              4 5 4 7 >

August                         5 6 7 8

September                   6 7 9 9

From the beginning of this research the number 79 always bring to mind Pompeii, an ancient Roman city buried in the year 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. Some of the most notable eruptions of Mount Vesuvius have been during years of the Monkey as in the year 79, 1872 and 1944. Also in personal correlation, my grandfather who was born in April of 1913, Year of the Water Ox and died at the age of 79 in the Year of the Water Monkey and my grandmother, his wife, was born in 1920 Year of the Metal Monkey.

I recently took out September of the chart I was working on, though Nundinae brings to mind the word nine, September also has an “ember” at the end and September triggers the French word 7 and is the 9th month in line. I have been thinking of timelines and knew there was a way to build one using everything I know, knew and was about to learn so I began the Jason and Medea charts.

Luckily Wikipedia has put so much effort into extending the calendrics portion of some pages and I was lead to “ab urbe condita-anno urbis conditae.” It is a Latin phrase meaning “from the founding City (Rome)” on the date 4.21.753 BC.

I had been tipped off by the many discrepancies within the written histories of the world and when I first began counting backwards from the 12th night all those months ago I knew the count was off. The Venerable Bede (673 ~ May 26, 735 in Monkton, England) was the first to widely use the term “A.D. Anno Domini”.

From Wikipedia about Bede: “The earliest known writer to state that the solar year is not exactly 365 and a quarter days long, so that the Gregorian calendar (one leap year every four years) requires some adjusting if the months are not to get out of step with the seasons.”

“The Anno Domini (AD) year numbering was developed by a monk named Dionysius Exiguus in Rome during 525, as a result of his work on calculating the date of Easter.” Within that numbering system the year AD 2016 is 68 BC, a number that when I began these charts a few weeks ago meant little.

From the first Nundinae inspired “month chart” I went to what is presented in the chart Jason and the Twins: Medea’s Avenges. I had seen a pattern with the letters so began lining them up in the chart titled: Jason, The Twins and Medea’s Trail.

Astrologically June is the month beginning with the Twins of Gemini, ending with the Cancer of July and very notable to me as I was born on the 11th of June in 1976, the 163rd day of the Leap Year, in common years June 11th is the 162nd day.

I asked my sister how to say July in French, she replied with Juillet. At that point none of this had anything to do with William Shakespeare other than the word Juillet triggered the word Juliet, as in Juliet from his play Romeo and Juliet.

Lately I have been thinking of Shakespeare as I’ve been hiding in the house with a cold sore, working on these charts and thinking of his words, “you have witchcraft in your lips” and my words I have a “pock on my lips”.

August blew by me with no real importance but September, the ninth month, always makes me think of the French word 7. Since September is the 9th month my thoughts go to the word Nundinae and Rome, and the city’s founding twins Remus and Romulus.

When I began writing out the months I used only the first 9 months, in honour of the nine I hear in Nundinae, thus taking away October, November and December. October makes me think of the octagon which has eight sides. In November I hear the word nova, as in new and December is on ice, a period, point, decimal. At the end of these months is the word, “ember” which makes me think they are all burning, or were…as an ember implies the fire is dying out.

This is where things get a little more twisted and when William Shakespeare and Miles Holmwood, whom I can only find on Wikipedia, come into play. They call Miles Holmwood Norway’s Undead Soldier, born 1684 a leap year of the Wood Rat. He died at the age of 37 in the year 1721 Year of the Metal Ox, a common year, meaning it was not a leap year.

William Shakespeare was born on April 26, 1564 Year of the Wood Rat and he died on April 23 in the leap year 1616, Year of the Fire Dragon.

I have been researching leap years for a bit now and what years they landed in, as in when the monkey, dragon and rat were leapers (as I call them). Paying always close attention to the moon, the numbers and correlations to words themselves I knew I needed a “new” way to see the numbers, as in a calendar or timeline of some sort.

At the end of May, I was friended on Facebook by some people who I knew right away could help me bring some of this information to light so I began a timeline. At first I sat down on the bed next to my 13 year-old daughter and began with the Year 79 A.D.

When I looked in Wikipedia for the years information it is listed as a common year, luckily Wikipedia shares other calendar information and this is where I learned of the Saka calendar known as the Indian national calendar. Within that calendar a “Chaitra” is a month, in leap years a Chaitra has 31 days and the year begins on March 21. “The months in the first half of the year all have 31 days, to take into account the slower movement of the sun across the ecliptic at this time.” ~Wikipedia.

Years in the Saka Era begin in the year 78 thus making year 79, year 1, this propelled me further and further into the charts.

Chart: Jason, the Twins and Medea’s Trail ~ When I began the first Medea chart, the patterns with Jason’s name and number successions jumped out so I began lining up what you see here. When the name Jason was completely spelled out at 15 I stopped and added one for zero to end at 16. When I began researching the leap years and days 1616 was triggered, as William Shakespeare died, 360 years before my year, 1976.

He wrote “you have witchcraft in your lips” making me think of Medea and the word apocalypse. This correlation was very personal in June when creating this chart as I had a Cold Sore, a pock on my lips. The word does not frighten me. I think like many words and things perhaps the word was misused. Perhaps it was about someone who spoke of the moon’s happenings, eclipses, epochs and such.

A curious note at the left hand bottom of the chart is the numbers 4816. Jumble numbers around as if there’s large earthquake, like the 1556 Shaanxi earthquake and you can get 1684. 1684 was Year of the Wood Rat and according to Wikipedia the year Norway’s Undead Soldier Miles Holmwood was born.


Chart: Leaping Souls: Way of the Wood Rat

dfdfd.jpgChart: Leaping Souls: Way of the Wood Rat ~ While I was going through the leap years and days of the Fire Dragon and Wood Rat I wanted to see them lined up with the Year of the Monkey succession of 144. With Wikipedia’s help I was able to obtain and verify the facts of leap years and days. I began with Friday as it is the day in 2044 when the 79th procession of the Ganzhi Calendar takes over from there I went backwards following the Wood Rat.

Chart from Razing the Dead with Byron by Candalee Beatty, Book 2 of the Whitewolf Visions series available at on eBook: